Don’t Allow Unprofessional Movers to Cramp Your Style

Contact A-Okay for Columbus, GA residential moving services

The last time you relocated was a catastrophe. You felt like you were embarking on a great adventure – until the movers showed up and managed to ruin beloved valuables. A-Okay is determined to make moving hassle-free. You have enough to think about, so don’t add babysitting the movers to your list. Call 706-568-8211 to schedule residential moving services in Columbus, Georgia. Our experienced crew offers:

• Convenient operating hours to accommodate your schedule
• Clean trucks equipped with dollies and padding
• Expert disassembly and reassembly of your furniture
• Long-distance and interstate moving

Be sure to inquire about furniture transportation and military storage services, too.

3 ways to shield your glassware from damage

You’re fairly certain the kitchen table will arrive in one piece, but what about your glassware? Here are three simple tips for better protecting your valuables:

• Wrap every glass individually
• Layer the bottom of your box with packing paper
• Shake your box and listen for clinking

If you can hear glasses clinking together, wrap them in another layer of newspaper or packing paper. Additionally, you can fill empty space with paper or bubble wrap.