A-Okay Serves as Home Base in Columbus, GA

It’s our honor to provide military storage

Don’t worry about the security of your belongings. As you and your family are transplanted to different military bases, A-Okay will safely harbor your excess furniture, valuables and more. Our mission is to provide you with complete peace of mind – it’s the least we can do. If you decide you’d prefer to move your personal property closer, A-Okay will gladly arrange professional moving services.

Contact us at 706-568-8211 for more information on Columbus, Georgia military storage. We won’t lock you into a timetable or contract – the contents of your storage container are always safe, even if you’re deployed for more than a year.

Are you overwhelmed by the overflow?

If you’ve just relocated to Columbus, GA and you’re not sure where to store your belongings, contact A-Okay. We offer a 10% military discount and strive to eliminate the stress of unpacking. Don’t have space in your new place? Our local storage facilities can accommodate everything from major antiques to miniature collectibles. Call A-Okay with storage questions and concerns.